Continuing to lead the way for reliable and safe natural gas access in rural and mountain communities throughout Colorado with an unparalleled commitment to customer service safety, innovation and integrity.

At Colorado Natural Gas, our goal is to provide safe, reliable, clean burning and affordable natural gas to individuals, families and businesses in underserved areas of Colorado through exceptional customer service and a commitment to community.

To achieve that goal of providing safe and reliable natural gas to tens of thousands of Coloradans for home heating, hot water, cooking and more, we must maintain and invest in more than 1,200 miles of pipeline, while continuing to provide the quality customer service you’ve come to expect from your local natural gas utility.

All this costs money, which is why we filed a natural gas rate case in May of 2018 with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (Commission). Until our 2018 rate case, we had not changed our rates since 2013, which meant the cost of providing safe and reliable natural gas exceeded what customers were paying.

After thorough review by the Commission and ample time for public input, the rate case settlement was approved on November 1, 2018. New rates went into effect on December 1, 2018.

New Rates:

  • Eastern Colorado District: The service and facility charge is now $14.00 for residential customers, $27.00 for commercial customers, and $40.00 for large volume customers. The new distribution rate is $0.4392 per therm.
  • Mountain District (Bailey, Pueblo West and Cripple Creek District): The service and facility charge is now $16.00 for residential customers and $50.82 for commercial customers. The new distribution charge is $1.1428 per therm.

What Your Rates Pay For:

At Colorado Natural Gas, we work hard to keep our rates low while continuing to invest in our infrastructure and building natural gas service to new communities. The revenue from our rates goes toward:

  • Efficient response times to your customer service calls so we can get your questions answered quickly and thoroughly.
  • 24-hour, seven-days per week and 365-days per year dispatch and emergency response.
  • Investments in new, smart technologies to monitor, inspect and protect the integrity of our pipeline system so gas is delivered safely and reliably to our customers.
  • Educational programs to train contractors, customers, communities, public safety officials and first responders to help prevent damage to our underground pipes and protect those who live and work near them.
  • Local offices throughout our service territories and employees who live and work in the communities we serve so we can quickly respond to service calls, continually monitor our pipeline system, detect leaks and make needed repairs we can get gas to you when you need it.

Rate Relief Through Tax Reform:

You may have heard about the benefits of the federal income tax reform passed in 2017. We were happy to be able to pass on those benefits to our customers through this rate case.

Need Help?

As the case continues we will be updating this website with information about our filing and additional resources. Call 1-800-720-8193 with questions about the rate case, efficiency tips, billing options and more. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be your natural gas provider, and are truly committed to providing you with safe, reliable and affordable natural gas service. Our proposed rate adjustment will help us achieve that goal.