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    About our recent rate change

    Summit Natural Gas constructionWe've worked hard to maintain our rates for seven years while bringing natural gas—a cleaner, lower cost energy source—to you and your region for the first time. 

    Our rates will be changing for our customers in Baily/Southpark, Cripple Creek, Pueblo West and Eastern regions as of November 1, 2013.

    We will to continue to provide you with the highest level of service. As the only natural gas provider in Colorado serving communities other utilities would or could not serve, the rate change will help to ensure that CNG maintains the most modern, reliable and safe system possible.

    CNG has invested more than $300 million to the local economy and our underground distribution pipelines exceed federal, state and industry safety standards. The cost to produce and deliver gas in remote areas is rising and our rate changes are tied to inflation and increased taxes. These new tariffs are important to maintaining CNG's safe and reliable system, and providing natural gas to customers in rural locations. 

    CNG rates in your region have increased by the following percentages:


    Baily/Southpark: 16.8% 

    Cripple Creek: 20.4%  

    Pueblo West: 16.9% 

    Eastern: 11.7%


    Baily/Southpark: 19.4% 

    Cripple Creek: 23.3%  

    Pueblo West: 20.8% 

    Eastern: 29.4%

    The new service and facility charges in your region will be:


    Baily/Southpark: $14 

    Cripple Creek: $14

    Pueblo West: $14

    Eastern: $10


    Baily/Southpark: $40 

    Cripple Creek: $40

    Pueblo West: $40

    Eastern: $27

    At CNG, we want you to know that we are here to help. To assist customers with planning and budgeting for this rate change, we offer a variety of programs, tips, and tools to help you save money in the years ahead. CNG offers in-person energy audits, and energy rebates for qualified customers which will help to offset increased energy costs. We also operate LEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program) with the cooperation of Colorado Department of Human Services. For more information on the LEAP Program, visit

    Learn more about energy-efficiency programs and rebates to help manage your natural gas bill at