Colorado Natural Gas

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    Bottom Line on Your Business

    Local Maine business owners

    Save Money With Colorado Natural Gas

    Colorado Natural Gas understands how things like heating costs have an enormous impact on the bottom line of your local business, especially in a tough economy.

    We specialize in bringing natural gas to areas just like the mountain communities west of Denver and Colorado Springs, communities other utility companies have said are too expensive to serve due to their remoteness, small populations, or challenging geographic considerations.

    We’re here to help your business.

    Businesses can realize a substantial savings in their annual fuel costs (up to 50%) by switching to Colorado Natural Gas.   Natural gas rates are 20% - 40% less than oil and propane. Small businesses can save up to $5,300 annually, before efficiency savings with natural gas.

    To have a friendly member of our team come meet with you and discuss available rates, call (800) 720-8193, or fill out our online form and one of our customer service representatives will contact you.