Colorado Natural Gas

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    About Us

    Our Company

    Colorado Natural Gas, Inc. has been providing natural gas services for both residential and commercial customers for more than 16 years.

    Our mission has always been to promote the efficient use of natural gas at an affordable price as well as a dedication to achieving a cleaner environment. Colorado Natural Gas provides natural gas service to the mountain communities west of Denver and Colorado Springs. Today, it serves more than 20,000 customers for parts of Jefferson, Gilpin, Park, Teller, Summit, and Pueblo counties and remains committed to providing the most reliable, modern and safe natural gas system to its customers.

    Our Distribution System

    Colorado Natural Gas underground distribution pipelines not only meet but exceed federal, state and industry safety standards. Pipelines are the most efficient and dependable way to supply natural gas to our residential and business customers.

    Our Billing and Payment Procedures

    Colorado Natural Gas personnel read our customers' gas meters every month and a bill is sent for that month’s usage. For customers who request it, we offer an affordable budget payment plan.